Everscents by HairGang Organic Hair Care Products

From starting an online hair blog to launching your organic hair care products, you’ve taken a bold step into the future with Everscents by HairGang. This cutting edge salon is going green, and with a broad selection of green products and natural botanicals, your hair will look and feel softer than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of their popular offerings.


Shampoo: From a new perspective, Everscents is teaming up with ethically sourced ingredients that offer multiple benefits for your hair. The shampoos use organically sourced herbs that have been known to improve the health and growth of your hair. They also contain vitamins and minerals that are good for the scalp and your overall body. They feature unique botanical blends like marshmallow root and Japanese tea tree. No harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances are used in this profoundly cleansing shampoo that gently cleanses and removes dirt and oil without stripping away natural oils.


Conditioner: This profoundly hydrating conditioner adds moisture without over-moisturizing your hair. It leaves hair shinier, healthier and more relaxed. Try the new Citrus Mint Conditioner by Everscents by HairGang. It is infused with botanicals and other botanically based ingredients that help fight dandruff and other scalp conditions without over-drying. It even includes a unique herbal extract to soothe and calm your hair while conditioning it.


Finish: For the ultimate in deep conditioning, try the Stylistic Finish Shampoo by Everscents. This deeply moisturizing shampoo uses essential oils to seal in moisture and repair the underlying damage on your hair. It also features a unique ceramic formula to lock in colour for an extended period. You’ll find that even after using this shampoo daily, your paint won’t fade.


Treatment: Use any of the organic products listed above to help fight frizz and other frizzing problems. Leave the product in as directed and rinse out as soon as you can. Always use conditioners and leave-in treatments in the morning before you get up. Follow up with good leave-in therapy at night to seal in any moisture. For added moisture and shine, follow up with a rich and thick mask to bring out the natural highlights in your hair.


These are just some of the organic hair care products available from Everscents by HairGang. They have a full line of high-quality products made with the earth’s health and beauty in mind. They are committed to providing consumers with the best possible outcomes for their hair, scalp and skin. If you want to take your hair to the next level, or if you’re looking for a great way to improve the health and appearance of your hair, you should give them a look.