Choosing A Physician

When choosing a physician, find one in your local area or another nearby city. While you might not need a specialist, you want to ensure that you get the best possible care. Look for a StirlingClinic Adelaide Hills medical centre that accepts insurance and has plenty of social media presence. Check whether the doctor’s office accepts your insurance and if they offer a variety of payment options.

Dr Don Wallis

StirlingClinic Adelaide Hills medical centre Located in Stirling, South Australia, Dr Don Wallis is a University of Adelaide graduate and a well-known GP. He has been a medical practitioner for many years and is available for appointments every day except Thursday. To make an appointment with him, click the link below. You can also view his detailed profile on D& B Hoovers. This self-service platform provides access to Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, enabling you to find decision-makers and buy-side groups.


Dr Cassandra Holt

Dr Cassandra Holt is a medical practitioner who graduated from Adelaide in 2018. Since she was a young graduate, she has been practising in the area and has worked at StirlingClinic Adelaide Hills for more than six years. Her interests include general practice, women’s health and skin lesions. Dr Dulmini Silva has lived and worked in Sri Lanka for ten years. She recently relocated to Adelaide to practice medicine.

The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre offers a variety of health services to residents in the area. Their experienced and well-trained physicians provide comprehensive care for various health conditions. The medical centre accepts most major health insurance plans and works with most budgets. Whether you are an employee or a self-employed individual, you can schedule an appointment with this medical centre to ensure the best possible service and outcome. Several locations are available in the Adelaide Hills area, so you’re likely to find a convenient location near your home or office.

The Stirling Clinic Adelaide Hills Medical Centre offers quality care for primary and specialty care. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the physicians have extensive experience in various medical disciplines. The centre also provides a 24-hour emergency room. All of their services are affordable and convenient. You should consider using the medical centre if you’re looking for a local doctor for various medical conditions. A visit to the Stirling Clinic Adelaide Hills Medical Centre will help you choose the right medical team for your specific needs.

The StirlingClinic Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is a full-service medical centre with experienced physicians specializing in many medical fields. The medical centre has modern and well-maintained facilities, allowing it to provide prompt care to patients. The clinic accepts most major health insurance plans and is conveniently located. The staff is committed to the quality of care they provide and makes sure you have the best possible treatment for your needs. If you’re concerned about the cost of medical care, this clinic is affordable, making it an excellent option for your needs.

In addition to offering a wide range of medical services, the Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is also an excellent choice for a general doctor’s appointment. Highly qualified medical staff, including psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, and pharmacists, can provide you with the best possible medical care. The Adelaide Hills Medical Centre accepts most health insurance plans and payment methods. Whether an employee or a self-employed individual, you’ll find a physician with the highest expertise and compassion.

While the StirlingClinic Adelaide Hills Medical Centre is well known for its high-quality healthcare, it’s essential to read reviews and testimonials carefully. Read through reviews to learn how satisfied previous patients are with their care. If the reviews are not favourable, you may want to reconsider visiting the facility. A medical centre with numerous complaints is unlikely to provide quality care and should be avoided. So what do you need to look for?

Dr Barb Morris is an Adelaide Hills native who graduated from Flinders University in 1986. She has been in general practice since 1996 and has a passion for women’s health. She also assists a plastic surgeon in theatre once a week and teaches GP Registrars during consultations. He has extensive experience in general practice areas but is particularly interested in caring for children and the elderly.